The Bachelor’s Season 15 is heating up!

January 13th
Posted by RealityStar

The 15th season of the most popular dating series “The Bachelor” is back and the drama is juicer than ever! The popularity of The Bachelor has elevated ABC to second place in the prime-time ratings among the major broadcast networks. According to the Nielsen ratings, 9 million viewers tuned in to that reality show’s two-hour premiere on Monday night, down slightly from the 9.5 million who watched the first installment of the series last January.  With the first ever returning bachelor Brad Womack and 25 single women things are for sure going to heat up!

On Monday night’s new episode of “The Bachelor,” Brad had the opportunity to get some advice from past show contestants and the newest pair to find success on the previous season; Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez. The love birds gave suggestions and tips on the women who were still left and who they felt were there for the wrong reasons.  They also gave Brad good advice and helped to get rid of the drama queens Melissa and Raichel.  This meeting helped Brad to weed out the bad and move on with the good.

Bachelor fans are already picking favorites to win Brad’s final rose!  One of the strongest fan picks this season is Emily Maynard.  It is Emily’s personal story that is wooing over the fan’s, she lost her fiancé from a plane crash in 2004.  Emily adds her beauty and charm to rise to the envious position of the favorite bachelorette this season.  There are a few other girls who are already shinning bright in the eye’s of Brad including; Ashley S. the girl with a strong personality and good looks!  There is also the crazy vampire girl, Madison McKinley who is a model and actress, leading Brad on with here blood sucking moves. The show is still only a few episodes in so we will see where things go and hope Brad doesn’t make the same mistake he did before!